How will Trump’s era end? I believe it will end in an overwhelming loss at the polls, followed by a flow of information regarding incredible abuses of power and corrupt personal enrichment. As soon as Trump is repudiated, people will begin to talk, and there will be a landslide of stories and evidence produced. There will also be a reckoning of why rational elected officials, knowingly, and wholeheartedly, supported a charlatan, a con-man, and a wannabe authoritarian. This reckoning is long overdue.

I have explained, in my article, Donald Trump’s Charismatic Hold on his Followers and Why it is so…

The White House is a symbol of freedom all over the world.

Long, long ago, in 1998, I wrote a graduate thesis on Charismatic Leadership. I won an award for that thesis, and it has been on my mind as I have watched the rise of Donald Trump. How did Trump take over the most powerful nation in the world? How does a wealthy, egotistical New York real estate developer who became famous for his tabloid exploits with women, marriages, and bankrupt casinos morph into a leader? How does a reality tv star with no knowledge of policy, politics, or foreign affairs catapult himself to the most powerful position in the world…

Photo by Ja Corie Maxwell

White Privilege is a term that is offensive to many white people. Does White Privilege really exist? What does it mean to say someone has privilege? The laws of segregation were struck down during the civil rights era, but racism and privilege exist to this day. We all need to understand how it works.

So, let me walk you through an exercise that I used in every class I taught as a Lecturer at the University of Texas, Dallas. I took my students out to the courtyard and had them stand in a straight line. I had them take steps…

Tam Warner Minton

Former Lecturer at University of Texas at Dallas; Author and Award-Winning Travel Writer

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